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The wise adult knows about the frailty of humanity and the difficulty of bringing about enduring changes.

Howard Gardner, Intelligence Reframed, 1999

Change, Trauma and Challenges in Organisations

Change and Transition Management: Organisations that want to thrive need to adopt a proactive, choice-based approach to impending change. Change comes in at least two varieties — things we mindfully decide to embark on and things imposed on us by changing circumstances we have little or no control of. For changes we choose ourselves our attitude will mostly be positive, so implementation is easier. For changes imposed on us our attitude might be one of resistance or avoidance. Management of change in this circumstance requires careful planning and implementation.

Transition is the process of moving through change. It proceeds most successfully if deliberate planning of both the operational and human / staff needs are addressed, and it is in this second area — managing the transition process for staff and other stakeholders, that Carmel Ross Consulting will assist your organisation. Your ‘change destination’ or goals will be discussed in detail, along with your existing plans for moving from now to then. Strategies will be developed to enhance the capacity for change in your organisation by supporting your staff to successfully adapt to new expectations and ways of working that will strengthen your organisation's performance and sustainability.

Trauma recovery and resilience: From time to time organisations can find themselves embroiled in a crisis or tragedy. At such a time, skilled and urgent professional support is needed to guide the organisation and its people as they address their own reactions and harness their energy to respond to emergent needs. Whether the traumatic situation arises within the organisation or is in its surrounding environment, a sensitive and appropriate response strategy is needed and often this must be developed urgently.

Drawing on her professional training and experience as a psychologist, Carmel Ross is able to work with organisations facing difficult situations in developing and planning internal and external responses that address needs and restore a sense of well-being to the organisation, its staff and external stakeholders as soon as possible. The planning of responses will include:

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