People and Organisations - Working Well

A mission cannot be impersonal; it has to have deep meaning, be something you believe in – something you know is right.

Peter Drucker, What is Our Mission? in Business Leadership, Jossey Bass, 2003

Working with you on your initiatives

Facilitating meetings, seminars, workshops: Meetings and workshops consume valuable time in every organisation, and for many are the bane of their lives. Focussed and effective facilitation of meetings and workshops ensures

Carmel Ross Consulting can provide support in setting up meetings and workshops, facilitating and managing them on the day, and reviewing their achievements afterwards. If time is the most valuable resource your employees or members give to you, it pays to invest in careful planning of meetings and workshops to maximise the gain to your organisation of gathering its people.

Development of mission, vision and values statements: Motivating staff can be improved by developing clear statements of why your organisation exists. Boards, managers and staff can be involved in workshops to develop these key statements of identity and purpose, leading to better buy-in of the direction and strategy of the organisation.

Assistance in preparation of submissions, grant applications, reports: Skills in gathering and organising information in a logical manner are essential in preparing submissions, applications and reports that effectively communicate your message to external parties. Documents that are well-written and coherent, with effective use of tables, graphics and photos can greatly enhance the impact and success of your submission. If the issue is important enough to put pen to paper, it’s essential you do the job well – Carmel Ross Consulting can work with you on preparation of these documents.

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