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Leadership is not defined by the scale of the opportunity but by the quality of the response.

Chris Lowney, Heroic Leadership, 2003

Team Management Systems ™

Carmel Ross is an accredited member of Team Management Systems, and uses their survey tools as a resource to identify staff values, behaviour and attitudes at work. Commencing with the completion of an on-line questionnaire that gathers information about how each team member operates in the workplace, Team Management System resources provide unique feedback to each individual team member about how they approach their work. Each participant receives an individually prepared booklet which forms the basis of workshops with the team to achieve better appreciation among members of their own and their colleagues' individual approaches to work. After these workshops, further options are available to continue working with these and other tools to consider how best to develop individuals and teams to meet the organisation's goals.

Team Management System resources are based on the pattern of the work cycle in organisations combined with sound psychological theory. With such a solid research base underpinning it, TMS resources provide insightful, practical information to individuals and teams to enhance their own performance at work and to complement the work of their colleagues more effectively.

Two TMS Resources are available:

Team Management Profiles use an on-line questionnaire that gathers information about how each team member makes decisions, gathers and analyses information, relates to others at work and organises their work and the work of those they supervise. It follows the order of the work flow, from the initial development of products and services, through the resourcing and implementation of product or service delivery, to the review / evaluation of the success of the products and services. The individual profiles provide insights for managers and team members on how they personally approach their work; while the workshop provides a mechanism for staff to better appreciate the diversity of thinking and approaches to work of their colleagues. The outcome of this is a better understanding of the value of diversity in a work team and reduced tension in the workplace when people find themselves differing from others yet not appreciating how to work effectively with interpersonal differences.

Window on Work Values Profiles begin with completion of an on-line questionnaire that gathers information about how each team member looks at values such as authority, individualism, independence, empowerment, equality, collectivism, conformity and compliance in their work. Identifying and working effectively with individual values is important in aligning individual work goals with organisational goals. Effective staff performance is enhanced when personnel identify the values that drive them personally, and how these complement the values of the organisation. It is the identification of shared values and purpose that allows team members to commit to organisational vision. As a tool to facilitate quality discussion of what really matters to staff, the Window on Work Values Profile provides an effective means of building stronger commitment to organisational vision and goals. This resource can form a valuable foundation for an organisation that wants to develop a workplace charter based on how staff will approach their work, their colleagues, and their commitment to the organisation and its goals.

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